I am a very lucky man – I’ve got an amazing wife and am the father to three wonderful kids. Lylli was born on Halloween in 2008, Gracie was born November 2010 and although she only lived for 17 months, she will remain as much a part of this family as the rest of us, and Mickey Gray, our first son, was born in June of 2012. I’m not going to say that life has gone exactly as I would have wanted, but it is a good life and I am determined to make the best of it.

This blog is an attempt to document my quest to become a dad that my family can be proud of.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Slim Down to Sin Town

I must have heard on one of the KQRS Morning Show podcasts on my ipod about something juicy on their website or something. I really can't tell you why I ended up on their site. While I was checking it out, I saw that they are having a contest called "Slim Down to Sin Town" I recall hearing from many about how much fun they have in Vegas on the morning show trip, so I checked it out -- I actually filled out an entry form. Of course it was one of those long shot entries that a person fills out on a whim. Yesterday on my way to a meeting I got a call from someone that wanted to give me a phone interview. Let me go back a bit -- the contest is through Seattle Sutton and would consist of 16 weeks of free meals. They are picking only 10 people to do it, but the person that loses the most weight, wins a trip with the morning show to Vegas. When my phone rang, I answered and the person said they were from Seattle Sutton, I got real chippy with her because I had that dooped feeling that you get when you sign up to win something and someone calls you a couple days later with en elaborate sales pitch -- so until I realized she wasn't trying to sell me anything, I came across as kind of a jerk, but as the interview went on, I think it went well -- Not sure when I'll find out if I made the cut and I'm sure it's a real long shot, but if I am chosen, I will be on the air at 9 AM on June 1st for the kickoff of the contest and will check in each month until the contest is over. Keep your fingers crossed - Me with mic time? - this could get interesting!

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