I am a very lucky man – I’ve got an amazing wife and am the father to three wonderful kids. Lylli was born on Halloween in 2008, Gracie was born November 2010 and although she only lived for 17 months, she will remain as much a part of this family as the rest of us, and Mickey Gray, our first son, was born in June of 2012. I’m not going to say that life has gone exactly as I would have wanted, but it is a good life and I am determined to make the best of it.

This blog is an attempt to document my quest to become a dad that my family can be proud of.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I just realized that its been awhile since I've entered anything on this blog. So here's a quick entry to get you up to speed. Cable guy came to install cable and couldn't because of many reasons, Bought Tivo and the wireless accessory to allow it to connect to my wireless network -- neither the Tivo or the accessory work. The new fancy wireless SD card that I bought for Carrie's camera broke -- they sent us a new one and it won't connect to my home network. I got bit in the leg by my pitbull last week on accident because he was trying to bite the mastiff and apparently I was in the way. I Ran 10 miles last week including my second 5k race of the year last Saturday -- let me tell you about that day. Got up early to get ready for the race. Had a cup of coffee and a bowl of raisin bran -- got all of my gear in order and ready to go -- I figured I'd take a shower to wake myself up a little -- I'm pretty proud of my shower -- I redid all of the walls in slate and put in one of those long armed sunflower shower heads that comes down like rain. The arm of the shower head has a couple of elbows that you can loosen and adjust so its just at the right height - unfortunately, sometimes those elbos loosen on their own causing the head to sag way down -- it had sagged, so I attempted to adjust it -- turns out that the long arm also generates quite a bit of leverage and I cracked the shower head where it is threaded into the brass fitting at the top of the copper -- of course I didn't know that until I turned the shower on and had water shoot straight out of the wall (As well as down the wall behind it) -- and to add to that -- when I put the wall in the closet on the other side of the wall from the shower head and faucet, I put an access panel on the bottom, but figured I'd never need to get to the top part -- so I got to cut holes in the wall so a plumber could come and fix it after the race. As for the race, I got to the race - stood in line for about a half hour only to find that they didn't have shirt that would fit me (what was I thinknig anyway) -- so my wife got a nice shirt from the valentines 5k. I lined up at the back of runners with the rest of the penguins -- thought I would do OK since on Thursday I managed to run 2 miles before stopping and walking. My ipod wasn't keeping my pace correctly and kept telling me I was running like 20 minute miles -- so I was struggling to keep myself from speeding up -- I stopped and walked at mile marker 1 -- walked a few more times -- but managed to finish under 40 minutes this time -- not much under, but at least it was progress -- as far as the weight loss -- still 285 -- running a lot and not losing a pound - this is great!

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